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Zarafshan - “Golden river”

Despite the fact that Zarafshan City was founded only 53 years ago,the valley is known to have been populated since antuiqity. Scientists have proved that some of the petroglyphs in the Ururavine the Bukantov, go back to the XIII century BC. Researches show that dinosaurs` fossils, some pieces of their vertebras, a million-year-old tortoise`s shell were admitted by the Scientific Committee. A Shaman woman drawn on the cliffs in the Bukantov ravine, the composition of camels drawn on the cliffs near the Tokhan well prove that people have inhabited around current Zarafshan for thousands of years.

We can highlight that the pictures of a man bird or a tailed creature like a human drawn on the cliffs near the Kirkuban well in the Bukantov greatly attract the Scientific Committee. Because a man bird can befound in only a few places in the world. You can see one of them on the Pasha Island.

As well as various animals drawn on the rocks, arms and swords were found in these places. The Jaraquduq ravine which is ten kilometres from Zarafshan is considered one of the rarest paleontology museum in the Kizilkumdesert. Scientists from Russia, the USA and other countries come to this land  to explore it.

Zarafshan Town Hall Building

Zarafshan -  “Golden river” Zarafshan -  “Golden river”

 The objects like earings made of bronze, the tip of an arrow which was made in the second millennium BC, bronze mirrors tell us that people have inhabited in the Kizilkum desert where Zarafshan is located since ancient times.Moreover, the builders who participated in the process of founding the city of Zarafshan also mentioned that the pieces of ceramics or ceramic dishes were found while they were digging the ground at that time.

All in all, the pictures drawn on the rocks, the objects found in different places prove as echoes of the past that this region`s history ascends to antiquity.

Zarafshan City is considered as a breathtaking, admirable,beautiful, highly industrialized valley where the most gold of the republic is extracted in the open pit mine. Celebrating its 53rd anniversary, this city was founded in 1965 and its territory is 0,02 thousand square kilometres (2618kms).Its population is 81900 people (according to the statistics on the 1st of January in 2018). The city is located in the distance of 200 kms from the center of the Navoi region, in the north-west part of the country, in the center of the Kizilkum desert. It borders on the lands belonging to Tomdi District, Navoi Region. With a continental climate, the winters in Zarafshan are bitterly cold, while the summers are hot and dry.

This city is especially specialized to produce industrial products. Around 600 plants,  organizations  and  establishments,  more than 500  small  business  subjects  are  working in this  city.

Gold  fields  (open  pit)

Zarafshan -  “Golden river” Zarafshan -  “Golden river”

 A  group  of  geologists  by  the  leading  of  Habib Tulaganov came to the Kizilkum desert  in  1958 which has been suffering from drought. They found the Muruntov mine, one of the biggest and perspective golden mines, which is situated far 20 kilometrs from current Zarafshan. The city was named “Zarafshan” by the statesman Sharof Rashidov because of this territory’s geological features, fossil fuels and gold riches. The word Zarafshan was taken from Persian-tadjik language and it means  that  “Zar”-gold, “afshon”-spread. If we express it literally, it is “Golden river”.

 Zarafshan -  “Golden river” Zarafshan -  “Golden river”

 Zarafshan at night The decision of the government about building residences and industrial plants which recycle valuable metal ores was signed in 1964. In this year the building of the  city  in  the center of the desert was begun. At the same time building of the city, “Amudarya-Zarafshan” waterpipe was seated in this territory. Nowadays gold is extracted openly in this Muruntov complex. This mine takes second place in the world after “Grosberg” plant in Indonesia. The golden casts with 9999 probe ofthe table of chemical elementsof Mendeleev’s was famous here. They got many international prizes such a “For good name in Trade”, “Golden star”(Madrid, 1991-1995) and “Golden  glibe”  (USA,1995). More than thousand jewels are produced by jewelers of Zarafshan. Their products are best selling. The creators  of  delicate  jewels and item whо were warded the international prizes are  innumerable.

There are several joint ventures in the city. Transportation of passengers and cargoes are mainly led by three gigantic auto manufactures which belong to the Zarafshan Building Department of theCentral Mining Administration.

The factory of producing lime stone and  the Hotel “Zarafshan”

The medical service for population of the city is given by the multibranch clinic of the Medical Committee and the third medical hygienic part.

The Church “Zolotinka children’s resort

Zarafshan -  “Golden river” Zarafshan -  “Golden river”

 Every year about 3200 children of the citizens of the city go to the magic, gorgeous and breathtaking camp “Zolotinka” (“tiny gold’’) which was founded in 1977.

Without any exaggeration  we can say that the city of Zarafshan is considered one of the spots of sports fans, because there is a “Kizilkum” football club, “Progress” and ”Quruvchi” (Builder) and  sports complexes where people can train more than different 30 types of sport. The sports fans for whom the sense of fair is strange, also train extreme types of sport, for instance, motorsport, parachuting and weightlifting. The sportsmen have been training parachuting since 1982and weightlifting since 1989.

The city is connected with the world by a lot of main roads, railways and air transportation.

            Artificial Lake Aqua Park

Zarafshan -  “Golden river” Zarafshan -  “Golden river”

 There is situated a regional studies museum in the centre of the city which has a great information about the flora and fauna,industrial plants and other useful historical information.
The exhibits of this museum tell us about our great history.

The scientists have proved by discovering the petroglyphs which were in the Uru ravine of Bukantov, that people had inhabited near Zarafshan city and the nearest places of it thousands of years ago.

The picture of a Shaman which was drawn on the cliffs in the first millennium BC ,the composition of camels drawn near the Tokhat well and a man bird or a creature with a tail like a human in the mask of a bird attract the scientific community.

There you can also see the pictures of sword and arms as well as animals drawn on the rocks.

The view of the Artificial Lake

Zarafshan -  “Golden river”

 There are 13 senior citizen communities,12 schools an orphanage and 18 kindergartens in our city.

There are several secondary vocational colleges, industrial,medical, mining electricity colleges and academic lyceums in this city.

Convenient opportunities  to investors .Resolution,N PQ 3301, of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan about complex development of Tomdi, Uchkuduk, Konimekh, Nurato regions and Zarafshan City, moreover to provide employment to residence .

According to this official document there given several opportunities to the investors of Zarafshan city.

Following privileges are given to Zarafshan City according to this resolution:

- The project which are being organized in industrial and service fields are free of both taxes and payment for government accumulations.

- Farmers who are in the fields of camel and cattle are free of a single social payment.

- Individual businessmen who were registrated and working in these places are free of fixed tax.

 Establishments of juridical and individual businessmen are free of profit tax in a dividend way.

-There given credits  below 14%.

- Mortgage credits are given for ten years.

Facilities of investigating to this city:                              

-guarantees for investors to create convenient conditions

-existence  of uninterrupted, available communication(water, gas, and electricity).

-existence of gigantic industrial enterprises (Central Mining Adminstration, Zarafshan Building Department, “Agama” textile).

-Existence of all kinds of communication types(CDMA, ADSL,GSM,4G).

-Existence of transportations of cargoes by cars and railways(the distance to the railway station is 2kms).

-existence of enough employees and their living apartments are close to mining plants(the number of valid workers is 56,6000)

-existence of enough offers to businessmen which provide empty areas and buildings in the city,

-existence of different potentials of placing technological equipment in the offering objects.

Existence  of the ground resource, the resources of raw materials (yellow sandstone glass producing, lime – stone for producing sand paper, red marble for making Dolomt marble, Biryuza  jewels, Korun-for jewelry, Asbest for constructions, for producing- bricks are used for building stream pebble and others.

 Zarafshan -  “Golden river”

 You will be happy to see bright green costumes of the city, fountains which are shining like crystals, broad and avenues and modern architectural buildings, industrial and infrastructural constructions.

If you should visit here,you сan feel yourself in small paradise between of the desert. Furthermore,the residents of this city are very hospitable and  kind. One is from Bukhara, the other is from Samarkand. The life roads of these people who were born in Uzbekistan and other sites of the United Nations that are alongside with Zarafshan. The city, different nations are friendly, is lovely place for everybody, because without any doubt,we can say different specialists have found their fortune here. If you want to know more about this city, of course, come to our city.

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